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UAB „Seautus“

We perform all the works in high quality, we will take up car restoration from dismantling to complete assembly, we manage and supervise all restoration processes, we have a clear work procedure and system, and ensure that all the parts and screwswould come back to the same place from where they were taken. We provide warranty for completed works.

From our point of view, car restoration is a qualitative restoration of car condition to the factory one or even better, paying particular attention to preservation of longevity and value of the car.

It is important to know that a car meets the standards of restoration when 80–85% of its parts are original, i.e. of the same year and of the same manufacturer. Therefore, restoration work of poor quality, replacedscrews andparts, or non-factory improvements can damage the historic value of your car.

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UAB „Seautus“ team consists of experienced, professional specialists with extensive experience and great knowledge of cars. We will eliminate all problems of your car in a qualitative and expeditious manner.

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